In Qoezion, a contact is any person who has applied for an event, while a teammate is any person managed via the platform, and for whom the organizer can assign activities and manage meals, material items, etc (all contacts whose applications are accepted).

As part of our offers, recruitment is unlimited and free: you can create your own application form and have as many contacts as you like.

To manage teammates (assign them to activities, manage their material items and catering, etc.) you need teammate licenses. Your first 10 licenses are free, and you can purchase additional licenses when you create your event or at a later date if you need to.


Purchasing licenses for an organization

To add licenses to your organization's account, go to your organization space and click on Add licenses. Choose the number of licenses you want and proceed to payment. Your organization's licenses can be used in the events you organize, or to support third-party events by offering them license coupons.

Your organization's licenses are automatically used for your own events. When you add licenses to one of your events, they are taken from your organization's account. If there aren't enough licenses in your organization's account, you can buy more instantly online.

To create license coupons to support other organization's events, go to Settings / Coupons.

Each coupon is for a single use, and the licenses offered are deducted from your organization's quota of available licenses.


Purchasing licences for an event

 To add licenses to an event, go to the event dashboard and click on Add licenses.


 Drag the slider to select the number of licenses you need. If your organization has licenses available in its account, they will automatically be used for your event. If your organization does not have any licenses in its account, or not enough, the price of the additional licenses will be displayed and you can proceed with payment.

If you have a license coupon offered by an organization to support your event, you can also use it to add licenses to your event.

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