Organization space

In the organization space you will find all the features that allow you to manage your organization in Qoezion: customization, adding licenses and SMS credits, information about your community, coupons, managing users of the organization. You can access it by clicking on the desired organization in your personal space, or click on "+" to create a new organization.



Organization space
Organization space


Add licenses and SMS credits

To add licenses to your organization's account, click on Add Licenses, choose the number of licenses you need and proceed with the payment. Your organization's licenses can be used in your own events, or to support third-party events by offering them license coupons.

To add SMS credits to your organization's account, click on Add SMS, choose the desired quantity and proceed with the payment. SMS credits can be used for all events organized by the organization.



In the Events menu, you will find the events you organize and those you support, including past events that are already archived. You can filter and sort the list.


To support an event, simply offer one or more license coupons. As soon as a coupon issued by your organization is used by an event, it joins your community and appears in the list of events you support.


Your community

In the Community section, you can find the list of your community members.

The list includes only the direct members of your organization, those who participate in the events you organize. The personal data of indirect members, who participate in the events you support, are not shared with your organization.




In the stats page, you can track the workload in hours over the last 12 months, the distribution of your community members by age, the distance they travel from their home to the event, and the evolution of the size of your community (number of direct members, who participate in your events, and indirect members, who participate in events you support).



In the settings, you can configure your organization, manage the users, consult the library of shared fields and manage your license coupons.



To add a new user to the organization, enter his or her email address and an invitation will be sent. The users of the organization have rights on all the events of the organization (creation, modification, management, etc.)


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