qo·ezion allows you to manage your catering efficiently by creating several meals (breakfast, lunch...) with one or more options for each meal (meal at the volunteer center, takeaway lunch, meal vouchers, etc.). You can then specify eligibility rules for each meal option and calculate the number of meals needed, obtain a daily meal distribution list and control your catering budget by estimating the costs for each meal.

To start managing your catering, go to your event dashboard and click on Catering in the "More" menu.




A meal in qo·ezion refers to a type of meal offered by the organizer to the teammates: breakfast, snack, dinner, etc. You can manage up to 6 meals simultaneously. To create a meal, click on Add meal and type the name of the meal.


Meal options

For each meal, you can provide several different options: meals in different places of your event (restaurant, volunteer center, etc.), takeaway meals, vouchers, etc. (up to 10 options). You must have at least one option for each meal, and if several options are available, only one option will be assigned to each teammate, according to the priority and eligibility rules that you will define. To create a new meal option, click on the desired meal and then on Add option.

Meal Option Details

Clicking on a meal option will take you to its details. On this page, you can:

  • Change the name of the meal option
  • Specify the dates and time range when the meal option will be available. The combined dates of all meal options of your event must not exceed 100 days.
  • Specify the unit price of the meal
  • Set out eligibility rules



Eligibility rules

Eligibility rules allow you to limit access to a meal option only to tammates who meet some conditions. You can set out up to 3 rules, and a teammate must meet all the requirements of a meal option to be eligible for it.

Rule 1: Teammates must have assignments within the specified time range. With this rule you can say, for example, that only volunteers with assignments from 10am to 3pm will have access to lunch at the volunteer center.


If no time range is specified, teammates who are eligible for a meal option will have access to it on all days that the meal option is available, even if they do not have assignments on certain days. If you want to limit meals to days when the teammates have assignments, no matter the hours, simply set up a time range that covers the entire day (12:00 AM to 11:45 PM)



Rule 2: Teammates must be assigned to at least one of the specified activities. With this rule you can, for example, specify that teammates assigned to activities away from the volunteer center will receive a takeaway option (packed lunch, etc.)


Rule 3: Teammates must have at least one of the specified tags. With this rule you can, for example, limit access to the newcomers' welcome breakfast for teammates with the "new volunteer" tag.


Priority of meal options

The eligibility rules for the different meal options are applied in the order that they appear in the list of meal options (the first option in the list has the highest priority). For each teammate, qo·ezion will check if he or she meets all the rules of the first meal option: if they do, they are automatically assigned to that option; if they do not meet all the rules of the first option, qo·ezion will check if they are eligible for the second option, and so on. To prioritize your meal options, drag and drop each option into the list.

Priorities - example
Priorities - example

Example: In a race, lunch is provided for volunteers who have assignments between 11am and 3pm. Marshals and volunteers working at checkpoints receive a takeaway meal, and others must go to the volunteer center to get their meal.

The takeaway option has the rules "teammates must have assignments between 11am and 3pm" and "teammates must be assigned to Marshals or Checkpoint activities".

The volunteer center option only has the rule "teammates must have assignments between 11am and 3pm".

The takeaway option must be placed at the top of the list, as we will first check if the volunteer takes part in Marshal or Checkpoint activities to assign them a takeaway meal, and if not we will then check if they are eligible for lunch at the volunteer center.


Forecast and distribution list

Click on the Download icon to download the forecast of your meals and your distribution list.


The forecast takes into account all assignments, published or not. In the forecast you will find, for each day, the list of all the meals with the different options available, with the total quantity of meals needed and the breakdown by diet (you can configure the diets in your application form)

The distribution list takes into account only published assignments. Select a date to get a list of all meals for the day, with the different meal options available, the names of the team members who are eligible to them, and their diet.

Budget follow-up

To keep your catering costs under control, you can set a budget and specify the unit price of your meal options in their details. This will allow you to check at a glance the total estimated cost of your meals and the percentage of your budget that this amount represents. Click on Set a budget to enter your budget, and use the Configure budget icon (gear wheel) to change it.

Display meals in the teammate space

You can show or hide your teammates' meal information in their teammate space. It is recommended that you only share this information once your schedule is finalized.


When the display of meals in the teammate space is activated, teammates can see in their schedule the meals they are entitled to (name of the meal, name of the meal option and availability hours)


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