Material items

Material items are the equipment and articles provided by the organizers to their teammates for free. Each teammate receives his/her material items according to the assigned activities and number of days working in the event.

First of all, define the material items needed for your event: items, sizes available, the activities that will benefit from the equipment, the quantity and the distribution frequency. To set up your material items, click on Materials in the side menu.



Create an item

To create an item, click on Add Material Item if it is your first item, or on the New material item icon in the top of the list:


Enter the name of the item, and if you want to group items together during distribution you can also specify a bundle name (e.g. "welcome kit", "safety equipment", etc.).



Click on an item to access its distribution list and details. To delete one or more items, select the items in the list and click on the Delete icon.


Configure an item

In the Details page you can configure your item and specify the quantities, the unit price, the distribution frequency, the attributes and the eligibility rules.


In Quantities to distribute, you can specify the quantity of items you wish to distribute to your teammates, as well as the frequency: either a quantity per day of activity (e.g.: several protection masks every day, one t-shirt every 2 days), or a fixed quantity for the entire event (e.g.: at the arrival of the team members, distribution of a jacket).

Use the unit price field to get an estimation of the cost of your material items and keep your budget under control.

In the Attribute field, specify the information to be used to manage the variations of the item (e.g. for a t-shirt, you may need to know the size), and Qoezion will calculate the quantities of each option (size, gender, color, etc). You must have collected this information from your teammates beforehand, thanks to a custom field in your application form. To learn more about the configuration of the application form, click here.

In the Eligibility rules section you can limit the distribution of an item to certain conditions. If you do not activate the eligibility rules, all your teammates will be entitled to the item in question.


Eligibility rules

Eligibility rules allow you to limit access to an item only to teammates who meet some conditions. It is possible to define up to 4 rules, and to be entitled to the item the teammate must meet all the conditions at the same time.

Rule 1: The teammate must be assigned to one of the specified activities. With this rule, you can for example determine that teammates assigned to outdoor activities will receive specific equipment (safety vest, raincoat, etc.)

Rule 2: The teammate must have assignments within the specified date range. With this rule, you can for example say that volunteers present on the opening day of the event are entitled to a special outfit.


Rule 3: The teammate must have one of the specified tags. With this rule you can, for example, provide specific itema for "coordinators", "new volunteers", or any other tag that you have previously defined in your contacts' profile.

 Rule 4 : The teammate must have a minimum workload assigned to him/her. For example, you can offer concert tickets for teammates who work a certain number of hours in your event.

Distribution list

In the Distribution page, you can find the list of all the teammates who will receive an item, the forecasted quantities for each person and the attributes (size, color, etc.), calculated by Qoezion according to the information you have entered. You can export (Excel format) the distribution list and the forecasts (total quantity for each variation: size, color, etc.).

The distribution list can be filtered by distribution status. To follow the distribution of your material items, simply access the contact page of each teammate: you can indicate whether an item has been distributed to the teammate and specify the quantity distributed.

Material items budget

To keep the costs of your material items under control, you can set a budget and indicate the unit price of your items on their respective details page. It will allow you to check at a glance the total estimated cost of your material items and the percentage of your budget that this amount represents. Click on Set a budget to indicate the amount of your budget, and use the Configure budget icon (cogwheel) to modify it.

You can change the currency of your budget in the settings.



In the Material Items session, you can obtain two types of Excel exports:

- a forecast with the quantities for each item, broken down according to the different variations you have defined (size, color, etc.)

- a distribution list with the names of your teammates, the items that each person should receive, the attribute, the quantities to be distributed according to the rules that you have configured.

To download the export files, click on the Download icon at the top of the page.

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