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Once your activities and shifts are created, you can start assigning your teammates, which means adding them to the different teams that will perform the activity during each shift.

In your schedule, click on the desired shift to access the Assignments page. The New assignment button allows you to creat new assignments : Qoezion will list the teammates who are available for the selected shift and have the required skills to perform the activity .


You can search by keywords and use filters to easily find your teammates in the list. Hover over the exclamation marks to display any warnings regarding your teammates. If you want to assign teammates to the shift despite the warnings, you can.

Select your teammates and click on Assign: assignments will be created, but the schedule of your teammates will be updated only after assignments are published. It allows you to work with peace of mind on your assignments without your team being notified of each modification.




Publish your assignments

When you are ready, publish your assignments to validate them: assigned teammates will then receive a notification and they will be able to consul their activities in their teammate space.

Select your activities and click on Publish on the bottom of the page to publish your assignments. You can select all the activities with assignements to be published in one click, thanks to the quick-access button on the top of the list.


It is also possible to manage the publication of assignments for each shift separately. Click on the desired shift, and in the Assignments menu you can either publish all the assignments of the shift or publish them individually.



Whenever the schedules are updated, your teammates are notified and can confirm their participation (if they wish) by clicking on "you can count on me" in their teammate space. In your contact list, you can use the filter "teammate commitment" to find the teammates who have clicked on "count on me" (filter = yes) or not (filter = not informed).




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