Local accounts

Local accounts are contacts created directly by the organizer, without going through the application form. This feature is particularly suitable for internal use, in cases where the teammate would not need to have access to a personal space with his/her schedule, email, etc.

As local account contacts are not attached to a user account (the contacts do not have access to Qoezion), it is not possible to send them their schedule or communicate with them via the teammate space. However, you can assign them to shifts and manage their material items and meals, in order to take into account their presence in your event.


Create a local account

In your contact list, click on Add a local account in the menu at the top of the page (three vertical dots). Fill in the first and last name of the contact, as well as the status of the application. You can also enter an email address (optional): an invitation will be sent to the email address indicated to allow the contact to access his/her personal space.



If you wish to add personal information, availabilities, skills, etc., click on the contact page to edit the fields you need. Local accounts are identified by a label in the "general information" section.




Send the schedule by email

If you have entered the email addresses of your local accounts, you can send them a copy of their schedule by email: select the desired contacts and click on Send the schedule. Please note that if the schedule changes, it will be up to you to send them a new copy of the schedule if necessary.


Import local accounts

In your contact list, click on Import Local Accounts in the menu at the top of the page (three vertical dots) to import a list of contacts in Excel format (download the file template to make sure you are using the correct format). All contacts for whom an email address is provided will receive an invitation to join the event.





When you enter an email address for a local account, a message is sent inviting the teammate to join your event.


The teammate will have to log in with his Qoezion account to accept the invitation, or create one if he does not have an account yet. If the teammate accepts the invitation, he will become a classic contact, attached to a user account: he will have access to his teammate space, with the schedule and the messaging service. However, he can't return to the application form to fill it in.

If necessary, you can send another invitation from the contact page of a local account, by hovering over the label "local account".



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