Teammate space

On your computer or mobile device, you teammate space allows you to receive information from the event, communicate with the organizers, check your schedule and have access to shared documents. You have access to the teammate space of an event from the moment you submit your application.

In the personal space of your qo·ezion account, you can access the teammate spaces of the events you applied to by clicking on the poster of the event.
Teammate space


Depuis votre espace équipier, vous avez accès à :

  • Votre planning

  • La carte d'information

  • L'espace documents

  • La page services partenaires


Check your schedule

The organizers are in charge of assigning the teammates to the different shifts of their events. When your schedule is updated, you receive a notification in your teammate space and you can see in the menu Activities the shifts you are assigned to and the meals that are available to you.
Teammate schedule


It is important for the organizers to know that you will take part in the activities assigned to you : when you click on "you can count on me!", you let the organizers know that you have checked your schedule and that you are ready to help making the event a success!


In the Details of each shift you will find further information provided by the organizers of the event and you can interact with them by asking a question about the shift or reporting that you are not available. You will find your questions and the organizers' answers in the menu Messages.
Activity details


Can I choose or change my shifts ? In order to optimize the management of the event, only organizers can assign the teammates to a shift or change assignments, but they have to take into account the information and availabilities given in the application form. If necessary, you can contact the organizers through the Messages menu.


Messaging service

The messaging service is the main channel at your disposal to stay in contact with the organizers of events. When you receive a new message, you will see a notification (red dot) at the right top corner of your screen and a banner in your teammate space. You can also access the messaging service by the menu Messages.


Files can be attached to the messages, click on the attached file to open it. You can also send files to the organizer of an event by the messaging service : click on +Picture/File to join attachments to your message. You can easily find all the shared documents in the Shared documents space at the right of your screen.


If necessary, the organizer of an event can choose to send a copy of a message by SMS. If you don't want to receive any SMS, you can manage your notification preferences in your personal space.



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