Your personal space

In your personal space, you can update your profile, access your events and manage your organizations. To access your personal space at any time, just click the qo·ezion logo in the top left corner of your screen.


Personal space
Personal space


qo·ezion profile

From your personal space, add a photo and a few words about your experience in volunteering and events to complete your profile.


Your qo·ezion profile includes your photo, a description of your experience and a summary of the events you have participated in.

This page can be viewed by the organizers of the events you apply for. You can choose the level of sharing by clicking on the sharing options button in your personal space:

  • Full: the organizers can see all the events in your profile
  • Restricted: the organizers can see only the events of their own organization in your profile



From your personal space, at the top right of the screen, you have access to your personal messages.



QR code

When you log in from a mobile device, you can display a QR code on your personal space that organizers can scan to quickly find your teammate information during an event. Click on the QR code icon to display it.





In the section Archives, you can find your events that are finished, or those for which your application is canceled or declined. The messaginf service of finished events is not active anymore, but you can still see your messages (read-only access).

Modify your account

In your Account settings, you can update your personal data, change your connection details, select the language of your personal space, add or change your photo and manage your notification options.




Change your email address and/or password

To change your email address, you will need to enter your password and indicate your new email address. A confirmation email will be sent to this new address with a link to confirm the email address change.

To change your password, you will need to enter your current password and the desired new password.


Change the email address for an account created with Google or Facebook

Signing up with Google or Facebook is very convenient, as you don't need to create a password. When you sign up with this option, the email address used on qo·ezion is the same address that you use on Google or Facebook.

If you want to change your email address on qo·ezion, first of all you will need to create a password:

  • Go to the sign in page of qo·ezion
  • Click forgot your password? and enter your current email address. You will receive an email at this address with a link to create your password.

Once you have created your password:

  • Sign in to qo·ezion using your current email adress and your password
  • Go to the account settings, on the top right corner of your screen
  • Click modify the email address. You will have to enter your password and the new email address. You will receive an email on this new address with a link to confirm the change.



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