Catering eligibility rules

Eligibility rules allow you to limit access to a meal option only to teammates who meet some conditions. You can set out up to 3 rules, and a teammate must meet all the requirements of a meal option to be eligible for it.

Rule 1: Teammates must have assignments within the specified time range. With this rule you can define, for example, that only volunteers with assignments from 10am to 3pm will have access to lunch at the volunteer center.

If no time range is specified, teammates who are eligible for a meal option will have access to it on all days that the meal option is available, even if they do not have assignments on certain days. If you want to limit meals to days when the teammates have assignments, no matter the hours, simply set up a time range that covers the entire day (12:00 AM to 11:45 PM)


Rule 2: Teammates must be assigned to at least one of the specified activities. With this rule you can, for example, specify that teammates assigned to activities away from the volunteer center will receive a takeaway option (packed lunch, etc.)

Rule 3: Teammates must have at least one of the specified tags. With this rule you can, for example, limit access to the newcomers' welcome breakfast for teammates with the "new volunteer" tag.

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