Auto assignment

Auto assignment allows you to automatically generate a schedule by assigning your teammates to the different shifts of your activities, while respecting the planning rules you have defined, the required skills and languages for each activity, as well as the unavailabilities and authorised activities of your teammates.



Select the activities for which you want to generate an automatic schedule and click on Auto assign. Only shifts that have a required workforce specified are taken into account in the automatic assignment.

Qoezion uses all the information you have configured to generate the automatic assignments, such as the planning rules, the required skills and languages, and the list of authorised activities for each teammate: an accurate configuration improves the auto assignment processing. However, auto assignment remains an aid to planning, and it is important to check the generated schedule.

Depending on the criteria specified, auto assignment may be unable to create some assignments: for example, if there are not enough teammates available or with the required skills and languages, if the planning rules are too strict or if the activities are not authorised for enough teammates.


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