Eligibility rules - materials

Eligibility rules allow you to limit access to an item only to teammates who meet some conditions. It is possible to define up to 4 rules, and to be entitled to the item the teammate must meet all the conditions at the same time.

Rule 1: The teammate must be assigned to one of the specified activities. With this rule, you can for example determine that teammates assigned to outdoor activities will receive specific equipment (safety vest, raincoat, etc.)



Rule 2: The teammate must have assignments within the specified date range. With this rule, you can for example say that volunteers present on the opening day of the event are entitled to a special outfit.




Rule 3: The teammate must have one of the specified tags. With this rule you can, for example, provide specific itema for "coordinators", "new volunteers", or any other tag that you have previously defined in your contacts' profile.



 Rule 4 : The teammate must have a minimum workload assigned to him/her. For example, you can offer concert tickets for teammates who work a certain number of hours in your event.


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