19th January 2023 release

Schedule export

In your Activities, a new Excel export is now available: assignments by hour.


You will get an Excel file with all your activities and the teammates assigned to them hour by hour, for each day of your event! The export of the assignments by hour allows you to have a global view of your schedule, in a format suitable for printing.


New access rights: messaging manager

To allow you to manage the rights of your users even more accurately, a new user role has been created: the messaging manager. Now users who manage your event with you will no longer automatically have access to the messages, but only if you assign them the role of messaging manager. This will allow you to limit the number of people who can read and reply to messages, and thus better control the exchanges with your teammates.


New eligibility rule for meal options

You were already familiar with the eligibility rule that allowed you to limit access to a meal option only to teammates present during a given time slot (e.g. breakfast for those present between 7am and 10am).

Now you can also choose to give access to a meal option for the entire attendance period of the teammates, every day between their first and last assignment (including days with no activities). This rule is particularly useful for long events, where teammates must also have meals on their days off.


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