Send the schedule to teammates by e-mail

In their personal space, teammates have access to their schedule, which is always up to date, with all the information they need: description of the activity, name of the coordinator and team members, attached files, etc.

It is better for teammates to consult their schedule online, so that they have the most up-to-date information. But in some cases, for example for your local accounts, you may need to send a copy of the schedule by email. To do this:

  • Select the teammates you wish to send the schedule to from your list of contacts

  • In the More menu (three vertical dots), click on Send the schedule

For a teammate to receive their schedule by email, all their assignments must be published and their email address must be entered.

The teammate receives an email with a list of his/her assignments, including dates, start and finish times, the name of the activity and the name of the slot.

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