How to apply to an event

Have found an event that inspires you and want to become a volunteer? Send your application in few clicks with qo·ezion! To take part in an event, you will have to fill out the application form that the organizers configured in order to collect all the information needed in their volunteer program.

You can have access to the application form of an event by clicking the link shared by the organizers in their public page, website, social media, etc. You must have a qo·ezion account to send your application. If you don't have a qo·ezion account, sign up for free!

Qo·ezion is a volunteer and staff management solution developed by the company quick·off and available on Instants Bénévoles (French platform connecting event organizers and volunteers).


Application form

The application form is carefully prepared by the organizers in order to obtain all the information needed to run their volunteer program successfully. By answering to the questions accurately, you will be able to get a mission that fits your availability, your wishes and your experience.

The application form has several sections (personal information, availability, etc.), and some fields are already filled-in with your qo·ezion account data. Fill out the form and click "submit" to send your application. You can check its status in your teammate space and you will also be informed of any change by email.


Application form not available?

Configuring the application form is an essential step in the organization of an event. Sometimes the application form is not published yet when you want to apply to an event. Good news: you can immediately pre-register for the event, and you will be informed when the application form is available, so that you can complete your application!


Cancel an application

A messaging service is at your disposal in your teammate space: this is the best way to communicate with the organizers of the event if you have any problem, so that you can find a solution together.

If your application is not accepted yet, you can cancel it in your teammate space by clicking the button Cancel my application.



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