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Qoezion is a volunteer and staff management solution developed by the company Quick-off.

Creating your free Qoezion account only takes a few minutes and allows you either to organize events and to become a teammate.

To sign up, go to .

There are 3 different options to register on Qoezion:

  • Sign up with Google

  • Sign up with Facebook

  • Sign up with an email address and password

Sign up with Google or Facebook

If you already have a Google or Facebook account, this signup option allows you to easily register on Qoezion, and you will not need to create a new password.

Click "Continue with Google" (or Facebook) and follow the instructions provided by Google/Facebook. Once your connection is authorized, please fill out your Qoezion profile to complete your registration.


Sign up with an email address and password

To register with an email address, enter your email address and click on Continue. Then fill out the signup form and create a strong password:

After you validate the form, you will receive a signup confirmation message at the email address you have entered: to complete your registration, enter the 6-digit code you will have receive by e-mail.

According to your email service provider, you might have to wait some minutes before you receive the confirmation message; please also check your spam folder. If your mailbox is configured to reject messages from unknown senders, you may have to configure it to accept messages from the domain

Can I associate one single email address with several different Qoezion accounts? It is essential to have a unique email address for each user, in order to keep the users' personal data secure. Even for members of the same family, each user must be able to fill out his/her individual application form and have access to his/her own teammate space with an indivual schedule, messaging service, etc.

Many free email service providers are available to the public, you can easily create your own personal email address if you don't have one, and it is possible to automatically forward messages from one email address to another if you wish.


How to delete my Qoezion account ?

Please read this article to learn more about how to delete your account.

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