Customization of an event

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When your event is created, you have to inform its name, date, time zone and address. To change any information or add a poster, logo and pictures, access the menu More / Customize event.





Customization items


General information

In this section, you can change the name, the date, the time zone and the location of the event.


As for the location, please add the complete address. If your event takes place in a large zone, you can inform the address of the main entry, the address of a square in the middle of the town, etc.

The button "expand/collapse" allows you to display or hide the map. To change the location, delete the current registered address by clicking the [X] button and enter the new address.



The poster is used to illustrate your event in the different sections of qo·ezion, like the teammate space or the application form.To add the poster of your event, click the frame and select your file : the size of the picture must be at least 500x707 pixels. Use the crop handles to reframe the picture, and the buttons on the bottom of the picture to rotate it.


The logo of your event is used in some features, like message service and notifications.

Image gallery

You can add up to 9 pictures in the image gallery to illustrate your event. These pictures are displayed in the teammate space and in your application form.

To add a photo, click the frame and select your file : the size of the picture must be at least 1024x742 pixels. Use the field "copyright" under the picture to specify the author of the photo.

To delete a photo, click the "delete" icon.





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