Create and duplicate an event

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To create an event, you have to connect to your personal space. Click on the sign "+" at the top of your list of events, then on Organize an event.


To configure your event, you have to inform the name of the event, the date, the place, the time zone and the name of the organization. You can choose an organization among those that already exist in your personal space or create a new one : add the name of the new organization and it will appear in your personal space, and you will be able to complete its page later. Once you have created your event, you can immediately start configuring your application form and planning your activities.


Duplicate an event

Whether the event is a festival that takes place every year, a sports tournament with several matches or a cycle of conferences, organizers must often manage iterative events. qo·ezion allows you to duplicate the structure of an existing event and save time by using different elements that are already configured (application form, list of activities, material items, etc.)

To create an event, you have to connect to your personal space and click on the sign "+" at the end of your list of events, then on Create an event.


Check the box "I would like to duplicate an existing event structure" to select the event you want to duplicate in the list of all the events that you manage as administrator. In the next page, you can choose the information that you want to duplicate in your new event : public page customization, application form, activities, material items, etc.

All the dates will be changed based on your event start date : if there was an activity "press conference" in the second day of the original event, when you duplicate the list of activities and shifts there will also be an activity "press conference" in the new event, with the same shift hours.


Once the new event is created, you just have to choose the quantity of licences you need for your new event. Take some time to check that all the dates correspond to the schedule of the new event and to make any ajustments needed. Your will be then ready to start managing your event!


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