1st March 2023 release

Affiliation between organizations

Organizations often work together in local networks, federations and communities. In Qoezion, organizations can now affiliate with each other, making it easier and faster to bring together a large community.


When we are affiliated with an organization, we can offer our community members who take part in our events the opportunity to join the community of organizations that support us. This way, they can receive information and keep up to date with the latest news from the community!


Contact access groups

Some members of your organization may be involved in the staff management of your event: Qoezion allows you to give access rights to users so that they can also manage your teams with you. Some of these users may be responsible for a specific group of teammates. You can now limit their access rights by creating contact groups, which will make their work easier (users will only have access to the teammates they need to manage) and at the same time improve the security of your system.

In the settings of the contact page, you can indicate the access groups the teammate is part of.


You can then define the access groups for each user in your event settings.

In addition to the contact access groups, you can still define activity access groups, in order to manage the access rights to your event even more accurately.


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