Application form

The application form is often the entry point to your event for the volunteers you will recruit. qo·ezion allows you to create clear and efficient application forms in a few clicks.


Configure your application form

Before your start configuring your application form, it is important to list the different tasks that volunteers will have to perform in order to identify the data you will need to collect.

When you build your application form, you can test it at any time thanks to the preview mode: it allows you to view the final result that candidates will see, so as you can improve the fluidity and coherence of your form.

Even after publishing your form, you can still edit it. If you add a question, the field will be empty on the profile of candidates who filled out the form before the update.
Application form


After configuring and testing your form, click on "Open applications" at the top right of your form to start recruiting your teammates! You can share the link to your form, and as soon as the first applications arrive you will be ready to manage your teammates.

In your event dashboard, you can get the link of your application form and you can close your application. If you want to open the applications again, you can always do so by going back to the configuration of your form.

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